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bunnyfic master post :D

Okay. For NaNo 2008, I wrote High Tech, Low Intel -- basically the pretentious title for Kismai in AU land (pseudo-cyberpunk). :D :D Unlocked now that it no longer constitutes spam, this is the master post. It's now COMPLETE. (round two edits in progress :D)

the bunnyfic
01~ 'underground', a prologue ten years prior; 'that craving', time 00:00
03~ a bother; something like like; dysfunction
06~ anti-decentralization; the damsel
7.5~ the distress; in and out; something specific; point of intercept
11~ triple counter; back up the truck
13~ electric sheep; boxed in, freaked out; the natural power user; the headhunted
17~ guardians, not angels; superstars and cannonballs; work it; drastic action
21~ friendly fire; some things unexpected
22.5~ strange fruits; for real; this is how we roll
25~ behind closed doors; kryptonite
27 avoidance tactics
28 you can run
29 Pink and Orange Kisses by snowqueenofhoth
[sidestory] Be Careful by shimizumiki
30 and the evening and the morning were the third day with snowqueenofhoth
[outtake] Wake Up Call by mousapelli rating: R
31 Five Times Senga Wasn't A Bunny with mousapelli rating: R
31.5 you are my sunshine
32 Cybersex for Beginners by snowqueenofhoth rating: R
33 a selective competence
34 walking with WMDs
35 in your shoes
36~ liar liar; wingmates fly
[sidestory] what friends are (really) for -1
38 slingshot
39~ the messenger; trickster's trade
[outtake] Sideswipe by mousapelli rating: R
40~ may it be; ai ja nai?
42 Take Two by snowqueenofhoth rating: R
43 all the small things
[sidestory] what friends are (really) for -2
44 reap what you sow
45 heart, mind, and soul
[omake] The New Chosen Ones by snowqueenofhoth rating: nc-17
[omake] Memories of You by rin_aokuro

the watchtower
predilection: a mind of affection     

[ Ft2 | Watchtower | FAQ ]

☆ The overall rating is PG. There is no porn or lack of worksafeness unless marked! ;Db

rin_aokuro also drew me stuff! xD [ my bunny | pure adorable kjae ] thank youuu~! :D :D

Squeeze out. ♥Adopt one today!
it is a bunny

predilection: a mind of affection

this! because rin_aokuro asked me a couple of questions about yokoo and iida's backstory, and my super tl;dr 1.3k answer reminded me kind of juuust how much i'd actually hashed out during the writing of the main story... so! ★ if you haven't already seen it, you should take a look at her memories of you. ♥ it is set after the main story, and the sweetest little watchtower fic... ;0; (thank you again!)

and now! backstory. iida. yokoo. HOW IT HAPPENED. let's start off slow. i should never, ever, ever say that. um, well...

( predilection: a mind of affection )→500w; iida, yokoo.
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{ angelic }

sleepless: on this path

if the tone of this is funny, i blame being totally addicted to this song lately. *_*; tsuki by amano tsukiko. [and/or mediafire dl] the vocals are so pretty, and kinda haunting at times. ♥ (though regardless, i can't remember the point of this piece. xD; it was supposed to be a short bridge before hasshi's intro. but uh. obvs turned out not as short. oh well.)

sleepless: on this path
G; 2430w
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flaming twinks

meme_ warmth, a flame

this is... not nano. xD; though i have started it. (god, but have apparently forgotten how to just let it rip. D8 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VERBAL DIARRHEA? APPALLING.) started this meme a while ago; decided to sit down and make it presentable.

Pick a pairing.
- Set your playlist to random/shuffle
- Write a drabble for the first 10 songs
- Only write for as long as the song plays!

i quite clearly did not stick to the song lengths, because at least one (orochi taiko) only lasted 50 seconds and like... no. xD; in any case, i've been meaning to write this pairing (boyue/boyan ♥) for a while now and have finally figured out how to make it kinda work. :D

title: warmth, a flame
verse: dynasty warriors
facts: jiang wei (dynasty 5strikeforce), lu xun (dynasty 5dynasty 6); 3200w; PG-15 for non-explicit porn. ._. *blames vanilla*
notes: for those not familiar with the warriors 'verse, jiang wei is strategist zhuge liang's protégé (and is in the games all, "prime minister! :0 ♥" to a ridiculous degree). lu xun is lü meng's successor. but this is a retarded high school AU so none of that really applies, lol. written in three sittings and different states of mind, um. 8D please ignore that.
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{ angelic }

fic_ a little like like today, while looking for this bunnyfic 2000 sidestory bit that isweartogod exists somewhere, i discovered that there are about eighty separate documents scattered about my gdocs/wips HD folders, wtfff! a whole stack of which i don't even remember conceiving of, much less writing any for~ ahaha. 8D have this one for starters. because it's a good excuse to use this icon. :D ♥ (and also counters the tsuka!drugfic ajgweMOUSI.)

also, you guys on the meme. ;__; thank you for your suggestions and everythings. ♥ *treasures like my preciousss~*

title: a little like like
verse: tsukada, totsuka; 1635w; PG
notes: because there really just needs to be more tsukada in fic. :D /guilty of this neglectful crime also. some elements (like the staff showing them tsukada's photos... xD) taken from enshinge's wonderful translations.
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yo? :D?

high school musical! \o/ [1/4]

ahaha, oops. ;; looking back through wip's to see if there was anything i could finish up and actually post, i found this from... 2008? 8D; four-man musical academy fic~ \o/ one of my earlier JE endeavours. silver_lined's fault. AU. ♥ eventually, there will be a koichi.

High School Musical... Academy. [1/4 ←in theory 8D] 2400w; G.
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for dear, kiss my heart

so i've started a hairdressing course myself, but indulge me. xD; i already had kitayama pinned for this occupation at the time i wrote the original drabbles. this is just something short. :D; because there don't need to be more AUs than i've already got going kjhkawe.

Crazy Bomb.
Kitayama, Totsuka. G; 670w. Set before the Antique Bakery Cafe drabbles at je100. Literally, they just live in the same direction, okay? 8DD;
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{ angelic }

loveless: precursor

this farted out of my system on the way back from iron man 2. |D movie so much fun, just like kick ass. :'D omfg, downey jr~~~ (when i grow up i want to wear eyeliner like that man, no joke.) it is a bit useless, but i wanted to write. no brain for a battle yet, but. eventually.

also, i got mail from mousi. ♥♥ with a ewetube card (LOL), sticker kisufish and rubber dinosaur bands jkkjkjkakwe. man, they remind me of japan. :'D softbank used to give out one free when you bought something off them. [i think last time, i got a duck. xD;;] thank youuu~ :D :D ♥

totsuka, fujigaya: precursor
set shortly after the original sleepless bit. G; 1200w
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