January 8th, 2009


je_ficgames #1

Original assignment, and the fic I'm most happy with in the end (not just because it involves Kismai debuting, really. Nor the fact that Iida actually lives for once, haaah). ♥ But randomly I also think it might be the only fic on this side of the internets with major Takeuchi. IF IT ISN'T, PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME. 8DD ITYYY~

Minor edits again. >:3 And this will be the end of the spam. God, I just wrote smap twice. *death*

Title: Some things never change (but people aren't one of them) (originally here)
Details: Iida, Takeuchi (Kismai); G.
Summary: An old group debuts, but for those passed up it's just business as usual.
Warnings: n/a. ♥ There is no real angst.
Prompt: NewS's Summertime (translation), for Team Future.

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